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Re: grammatology, heterogeneity, bodies


Guilherme Kujawski <[log in to unmask]>


Invention list, Florida Media Arts Center


Wed, 27 Aug 1997 20:15:16 -0300





text/plain (1 lines)

> Actually we don't do much discussion of straight theory here; the goal
>is to use theory as needed in relation to specific projects. Introduce a
>project and use this list as a place for brainstorming (HE SAID TO ALL AND

Hi, Glue, hi inventniks!

I've been lurking this list a long time. Glads for the memorable
state-of-art quotes, seldom seen in any list, just because they have the
'thing per si'.

One thing I've read here that made my brain enter in a hard boiled mood.
Hard hard boiled. Then, in a fly bar talking with a friend (too a writer), I
told him about a tiny piece of memetics bait called 'Jennifer, the Textual
Woman'. My friend and I then wrote a project based on that entry (I forgot
who was the responsible for the entry). We made a pilot too, with several
errors. Is in portuguese for while.

First let me introduce ourselves. We're two brazilian science-fiction
writers with several published works in local publications. We also write
about Net culture for several newspapers and magazines.

About a month ago, we started developing a Web Opera project, but local
sites have little interest and money for this new kind of thing. So we
decided to send our ideas to you (after all, the Net means the breaking
of borders!!)

From ASCII graphics to creative use of (hyper)text, our story employs
widely available Web resources to tell a captivating tale. User
participation will be key to the organic growth of the story.
We'd like you to take a look at the following synopsis and tell us what
you think.

Thats it. And greetings from Brasil (with 's').


JONAS is the anti-social computer addicted type, his relationships with
the world all computer mediated. In his autistic self designed world,
JONAS piles up chunks of raw data which he assembles as his personality.
However, he feels lonely, he feels the need for a companion, a woman. He
decides to build a woman, a computer simulation to keep company. Not a
virtual reality doll, but a textual entity, a woman made of words (LOREN)

In our story, LOREN is a program based on genetic algorithms: if a
certain variable "x" is determined as "truth", then it adds up to
LOREN-LOREN, the ideal construct. If "x" is false, LOREN becomes MULU (an
evil entity, a berserk binary code that impersonates the ideal LOREN).
LOREN will be created with reader participation (the readers will
function as the supercomputer of this fiction). A the user will access a
list of characteristics and models will be used to shape her (the timid,
the vamp, the intellectual, the bimbo). Another list will provide
graphics of famous actresses, pin-ups, writers, Nobel prize winners, etc.
Since it's an organic code, the lists also include ugly and evil women,
features that when chosen, will lead to the emergence of MULU.
Based on reader decisions, LOREN will grow either as the "ideal woman"
(LOREN-LOREN), or as the obscure speaking and behaving LOREN-MULU. At
each chapter, an ASCII image of this artificial woman will grow a little.

VICTORIA is a high officer at a foreign trade corporation. She is a
pretty and intelligent woman, but she too feels lonely. Amid her very
busy day, she looks for a man who could make her happy. She pursues this
"Prince Charming" through phone services, Net classified ads, and avatar
She's afraid of being rejected, so she creates a different personality
for each of these dates. She "molds" herself based on her assumptions of
what a certain man would appreciate in a woman.

VICTORIA, JONAS, and LOREN will "live" in a three-framed screen. A fixed
square or rectangle for JONAS (where he monologues, works, and starts
creating LOREN). LOREN will "grow", from a small square where she'll
utter her first words an impressions, to an area larger than JONAS'.
Victoria's frame will be just a strip at the bottom of the page -- that
will change color and type whenever she's dating.
The characters will meet in a sensual maker-creature relationship. JONAS,
who creates an artificial woman, happens to be artificial himself,
Victoria's creation...

We're available for any additional information you might need.
Guillherme Kujawski ([log in to unmask])
Sergio Kulpas ([log in to unmask])


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